Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Twilight : New Moon

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Yesterday I've a chance to watch the movie via DVD though it's kinda too late to review it...who cares?

For me, this Twilight sequel is rather lacks of something special in its plot compared to the first one...but I kinda like it...the character of Jacob Black was more developed and in this movie, Jacob is more prominent than the character of Edward Cullen...meaning that Jacob has the Midas touch on the audiences better that Edward.
Bella is still the same though her character need more inner feeling...playing with her moods and feelings toward Jacob and Edward...still with her compassion to be like Edward (as a Vampire) in order to stay forever and ever with her lovers...but what I like most is Edward still maintaining his coolness and calmness towards the eager Bella...

It was really touched my heart when Edward said that he doesn't want Bella anymore and he said Bella is not suitable for him...but the facts is, Edward is sacrificing his love towards Bella in order to protect her and from the moment he lefts Bella...his soul is always with her to protect and stop her from doing reckless things...

Soon after Edward gone...Jacob took over the job to protect Bella from being attacked by the evil Vampires (Laurent and Victoria) who keep chasing Bella as they already knew that Edward and his family have moved out from the town...

I think the wolfs character played by Jacob and others are stronger than Edward as they have killed Laurent which Bella thought that the vampire will kill the wolfs as Laurent was so strong compared to Edward...what a plot is this?
After a while i knew that there was a treaty between the wolfs and Cullen's family if they want to live in the town which bind them not to hurt but to protect people in that town...yeayyy!!!! Really touched my heart.

At one time, it was really thrilled me a lot where Victoria came and tried to kill Bella but the wolfs saved her...but this time Bella, in order to see Edward has jumped to the sea...forgot to tell you that in order to see Edward, Bella has to do some reckless things....back to the scene, after she jumped into the sea, Victoria tried to kill her there but luckily Jacob was there to save her again...

From here we can see that the character of Jacob and Edward are almost the same...protective! Always there to save Bella...After Bella was saved...Alice (one of the Cullen's family member who has power of vision about the future) came to check upon Bella and here the rumbling of Jacob's feeling towards Bella has created some thrilled as Edward called Bella's home but it was answered by Jacob who lied that Bella has died in the incident...Edward who was so dissapointed has made up his mind to end his life as vampire by performing the Vortuli (disposing body to the sun) when his request to be killed by the vampire leader has been rejected...

In order to save Edward, Alice has brought Bella to the place where Edward and the vampire lives...from here we can see a lot of thriller as the vampires there are very different from the Cullen's they live on human blood!

Here we can see that Bella has the power in which the vampire can do nothing on her as they tested her...and finally Bella and Edward have been released from being punished...what a thrill!

They got home and Bella has decided to be one of the Cullen's family by requesting to become a Vampire also but Edward is so reluctant to allow that...but at the end of the story Edward has given 3 years to Bella to consider it carefully before he can allow Bella to do it and Bella agreed...that's it! The End....

The story still pending and we are left with a few questions...what happen to Jacob and the gangs? What will happen to Bella after 3 years? Are the Cullen's family will still live in Fork and continue their lives as usual in the town? What happen to Victoria?
Really eager to watch The Twilight Saga : Eclipse...Do you?


  1. i didnt really watched it.. only skipped thru the scenes and that's it =P

  2. ken...nice film...really enjoy it!


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